• What is your full name? -Its Alexandra Renee Berube. I just like being called Alex though.
  • Birthday & age? -It’s 1/19/98  that makes me 16.
  • Favorite color? -purple and orange!
  • Grade? -10th.
  • What is Transverse Myelitis? -A neurological disorder where there is inflammation across one or two segments of the spine. In my case, two. Here’s a link for more info.. http://myelitis.org/symptoms-conditions/transverse-myelitis/
  • Siblings? Yup… 3 brothers (Matt,16 (he’s my twin) Nick, 19. Perry (PJ) 23)
  • Mom and Dad? -Jeff and Rena
  • Can you walk at all? – Nope, just with leg braces. But I can’t get up and walk around.
  • Where do you live?? -Connecticut.
  • Sports? -Tennis, swimming.

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