The running dream.


(Pictures of me before TM.)

“If you can’t run with your legs, run with your heart”

This is my favorite quote.
A specially  for today.
I had a dream last night that I was training for a run that was coming up. And I was doing step ups on bleachers at the middle school I went too. Which kind of freaks me out since, 2 days before this happened I did that in gym and I felt unusually tired and my legs felt shaky. (This was probably due to TM, but I obviously had no idea, and didn’t think anything of it!)
My friend, Jyselle has a video of me and her and our other friend Sarah, dancing and jumping everywhere that day too. 
So this dream really freaked me out.
So back to the dream,
I was doing step ups and burpees in the gym, all alone.
But, I wasn’t walking how I used to. I used to walk with my right leg and foot turned in a bit and I never really walked anywhere. I danced, skipped and jumped every where, all the time.
When I was doing the step ups, I looked fine, but once I stopped I limped really bad and I would almost fall over.
As I was leaving the gym, I went into the hall way where the locker room and gym met and I picked up ARM CRUTCHES?!??? 
 Blue ones.. The exact ones I use in physical therapy.
 And there is stairs to go back down into the locker room.
As I was walking to go towards them, I waddled down them slowly. I walked into the locker room where there was a mirror and I saw that I had short leg braces on too.. (AFOs)
Then as I went up into the main gym all my friends were clapping and everyone was so happy.
I didn’t understand why…
Then my physical therapists Rosie and Heather come running over to me.. WEIRD?!! Right.. But they said “you’ve tried so hard for this.. You finally are walking.. You did it!” I then hugged them with both of my arms and my crutches fell to the ground.
Then I woke up..
I woke up with tears and I was shaking. 
This was the most real dream I’ve ever had. It was so vivid.. So real looking..
I’m still in shock..
I tried going back to sleep because I so badly wanted to watch myself walk again..
Even though I wasn’t walking easily or “normal” I was walking.. Pretty good.
So even though I can’t run right now, I can run in my dreams and with my heart.
I don’t know what this dream means but I really am confused by it..
But I can’t explain the feeling I had when I woke up..
This year is starting off with a lot of hope..
This year is gonna be a good one.

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