I know I’ve neglected my blog..
So here’s I am! I’m back.

My surgery didn’t go the way it should’ve.. But.. As Kim (pt) says “why did we think this would be easy.. I mean you ARE you..” I don’t exactly do things as expected.

SO the actual surgery went fine. I needed a blood transfusion but that’s normal. I woke up SO SWOLLEN. I had to have 4 liters of fluids.
I woke up in agony. (This may be dramatic!)
I woke up in tears and to have 3 nurses measuring cuts on my face that were dripping blood. Fun? And I was so confused haha.
I was in so much pain that I was hyperventilating (making my heart rate & blood pressure go up.) the I got very calm once they let my family come in to see me.. I was on a lot of medications so I kept forgetting to breathe.
But finally after 5 hours I was stable to go to a floor.

I had so many lines, drains, leads and wires..

Then I did great! But I couldn’t eat. I was too nauseous. So I got a piccline for TPN (IV nutrition) & lipids (IV fat)

Then a few days later my back started draining. It was draining because I wasn’t getting proper nutrition for a week. So my surgeon, put a small wound vac on at my bed side (I was awake..)

Then on January 19th it was Matt and I’s 16th birthday 😀

And on January 20th I went BACK into the OR for my back to be reopened & get my back cleaned and then a HUGE wound vac got put in. Keep in mind my back was open but was held together with the wound vac. So it drained a lot into a drain thing.

It’s like a vacuum.
Then I needed 2 blood transfusions. My hemoglobin was very low.
I was so pale.
Then 4 days after I got my wound vac out. I had just a drain.
After my wound vac was out, I was doing good. My wound “infection” was good.
I got my piccline out as well & started eating well!
I had blood sugar problems but I was good..
THEN. On February 9th
I began having fevers. I was put in isolation, which I do not like.
I was short of breath and in a lot of pain. I got a CT scan with contrast.
It showed 2 pockets of fluid around my spine & my lungs looked fuzzy.

I am a very hard IV access so I got another piccline put in.

 I got SO MANY X-rays of my piccline and my chest!
So I was on every IV antibiotic ever. And we found out I have some type of an adrenal gland problem. I don’t produce the steroids my body needs. So I have a possible Addison’s disease diagnosis.
And the fluid pockets were a “hard ware infection.”
I was really really sick.
Isolation sucks..
But then after I had my infection, I was really weak.
When I started PT again, they tried helping me sit up but I needed 2 people to get me up. I was using all my arms to hold myself up. And I just felt heavy & tired.

Kim (pt) walked in my room and was like “only you..” hahaha.

But I had to get strong again. Which took 3 weeks. And now I’m home.
I was in the hospital for 2 months.

I’m slowly getting back to me again. Even though I have the Addison’s disease lingering.. I have to just keep going.

It’s a lot. I’m not going to lie to you. I’m not gonna sugar coat it.



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