What are you waiting for?

Many people out of curiosity, have asked me if I’m scared to die.

I used to be. I was absolutely terrified of the thought of death. I used to be afraid all the time, constantly.  I can’t lie and say I haven’t been afraid to close my eyes.
And, I’m not going to sugar coat it.
I’ve had times where I thought I would never wake up and smell the fresh breezy air ever again.
The thing is, I am not that afraid anymore. I’ve realized that even though I could possibly die, so can you. Why should I be any more afraid than any of you? I shouldn’t be. And guess what? I’m not terrified anymore. I’m not scared.

I’ve realized that, I can’t live my life in fear AND also be happy. So I chose to JUST be happy.

Anyone can die, at anytime. It’s the only thing that’s certain in this life.
I truly believe, every person has a certain amount of minutes on this earth. The minute you were born, you were given a certain amount of time. I believe you are not taken from this earth on accident.
The truth is everyone and anyone can get sick, they can randomly get diagnosed with cancer, or even get hit by a bus.
That’s why you can’t take life too seriously.

There isn’t always a ‘tomorrow’
Everyone seems to wait for Friday, for summer, for Christmas, for ‘tomorrow’. But you just can’t live like that. So, why do we all live like that?

Life is so very short, fragile and so precious.
Everyone takes life so serious. For what reason? No one gets out alive anyway.

Flipping out over a dirty dish, yelling at your daughter for not eating her broccoli, getting mad over the mess your kids made in the kitchen, is it really that big of a deal? No. It’s not. We really all do know that it’s not, but we all seem to get mad, flip out and yell over these tiny itty bitty things.

Every now and again, I think you should all step back and look at the sky, look at how the leaves blow in the wind, watch your kids chase after each other in your front yard, see how happy your dog gets when you just throw a stick for him, listen to your neighbors mow their lawns, hear the laughter around you. Step back and realize life isn’t about working till you can’t anymore, it’s not about money, and it’s definitely NOT about materialistic things.

We shouldn’t dread to hear our alarm clocks go off in the morning. We shouldn’t hate school, we shouldn’t hate dealing with certain people. We shouldn’t feel like we have to “deal with people” at all.
We shouldn’t dread life. We shouldn’t have jobs we hate.

It’s not about that.

It’s about loving so deep, it’s about late night laughter with your mom, it’s about reading books you won’t have to be tested on, it’s about hugging your best friend so tight after not seeing her for 6 whole weeks, it’s about having to leave your dog home all day long, but they still get so excited to see you, it’s about baking cookies with your brothers, and eating the dough, it’s about spending time with your family and making memories, it’s about sunrises and sunsets. It’s about smiling big and laughing as hard as possible. Till your stomach hurts. That good hurt.

We all get so caught up in life, the worthless petty drama, money and our jobs that we all seem to forget how beautiful this life we live is.

Life is so short…in a blink of an eye you’re 85.
Don’t hold back. If you love someone tell them, if you love cupcakes so much, but you’re on a diet just eat it!

And, if you want to dance, dance.
Work well, not hard. Try to smile every chance you get, find the good in everyday. Kiss your kids, and hug your parents.

We all have struggles, we all have hardships and ups and downs.
That’s what makes the good things in life even better. Yeah, bad things have happened to me. Bad things happen to everyone, everyday. But that doesn’t make life bad.
We all fail, we all cry and we really all don’t understand why.

We only have one life, we only have now. You never know when that bus is coming.


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