I’m not broken.

And this is me. The real me. The person not everyone sees.

I sometimes go to sleep way too late. My favorite food is sushi and pizza and I love my 3 brothers with all my heart.

My dog is my favorite and I love the sky.

I want to be a Child Life Specialist and I love kids.

In some aspects I’m just as I always was as a little girl.

My favorite color is purple but sometimes I like blue more.

I live for Sunday morning breakfast and singing Taylor Swift in the car with my brothers.

I love to dance, even if no one else but me can hear the music.

I don’t claim to eat only kale and that I work out 24/7.

I’ll eat french fries from McDonald’s because you only really live once.

I’ll eat chips and cookies and sometimes I’d rather sleep than workout.

I used to be the shortest in my class but I’m 5’6 now.

I love donuts a whole lot and I’d eat them everyday if they weren’t horrible for you.

I have scars because I have a history.

And I sometimes talk too loud..

These are the things that I don’t think anyone remembers about me. I’m not a wheelchair. I’m not a disease. I’m not the 24 screws in my spine or the rods throughout my whole back. I’m not that “girl in a wheelchair”

I’m me. Alex. The 17 year old girl with a whole lot of baggage. I’m also pretty weird and geeky.

My whole life I’ve wanted people to see me. Not just glance at me.

Looking at me; you see a wheelchair. And I get it, but I’m so much more than that.

My wheelchair is my legs. It’s how I get around. Plain and simple. A chair with wheels.

Yeah, I get tired faster, and I have more pains than an average teenage girl but that’s really all that it is.

Don’t look at me like I’m broken. I’m actually more together than I’ve ever been.

I’m here to show you that against all odds that flowers grow in hell.

I’m more than what you see. I’m all my dreams and everything I aspire to be. I’m Alex. My name isn’t “that girl in the wheelchair” it’s Alex. Call me Alex.



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